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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

King of Pop Music - Michael Jackson's 50th Birthday

by Your Name 12 comments

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"The King of Pop Music-"-Michael Jackson was born on 29th August 1958.

On 29th August 2007,  Jackson's 50th Birthday is being celebrated  throughout the world by the crores of his fans.

Jackson was born as the 7th of 9th children in a middle class family at Gary, Indiana.

He stood on stage as a boy of 5 years old along with his other brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Jermaine, in a concert arranged by his father,Joseph.

Despite his extreme young age, he soon distinguished himself as a singer and dancer of prodigious ability.

Jackson is not a mere child prodigy, but he had a gift for vocal phrasing that was not only well beyond his years, but would have been astonishing in a performer of any age.

He has been continuously young in appearance, popular and rich and he has been an object for wonder and jealousy to the spectators.

In spite of some unwanted allegations and court cases against him, Jackson has been releasing his album once in three years.

Michael Jackson has managed to translate adversity into greater fame.

While many argue that his work has been uneven, his contribution to modern pop has been enormous.

Comments 12 comments
Anonymous said...

He was born in 1958 not 1957. He won't be 50 until 2008.

EnjoyInfoPedia said...

i didnt say he was born on 1957 he was born on 1958 Aug 29th.

he is completing 49years and this his 50th birthday counted from his date of actual birth.

thx for the comment...

Anonymous said...

Who the hell counts like this? He was born in 1958 which makes today his 49th birthday, period.

Enjoy said...

thx for u pointing out error which stands rectified in the article pls check out...

Jamie said...

Madonna will also be 50 in 2008. Her birthday is August 16.

Anonymous said...

Madonna will also be 50 in 2008. Her birthday is August 16.

Anonymous said...

Wacko Jacko is a filthy boy raping freak.

If, he even makes it to 50 his career is in the toilet and he is a social pariah. Rot in Hell Pedo Pan.

govind said...

People just cant accept some one who has made such an impact in the world of music.. i don think before Michael any one knew about Mtv or Grammy awards.. Stop cribbing and just learn to appreciate talent.. just go through history and give me 1 name who has got even CLOSE to what M.J has done.. Just close..

Anonymous said...

u r rite govind, michael is a legend. a person to b remembrd for his great talent and art...he deserves the rite title "king of pop"...

camila said...

Eu te amo muito Mike!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He's the gr8est

sanchetna said...

wished 4 a nice nd thrilling year wid da itz ol dream now.....

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