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Thursday, August 30, 2007


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Malaysia is celebrating its50th year of independence on 31st August 2007.
On 31st August 1957,for the occasion of independence, an ‘Independence Stadium’ was built, at the Padang, now known as Dataran Merdeka; Independence Square, where Malaysia's first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, declared Malaya's independence in front of a massive crowd. The Union Jack was lowered from the flag pole., and the Malayan flag was raised.The Padang symbolized British sovereignty as it was a cricket ground for the colonial administrators and fronted the Royal Selangor Club, Malaya's most exclusive Whites-Only club. In 1974 Kuala Lumpur seceded from Selangor and the city became a Federal Territory.
After independence in 1957, Kuala Lumpur was the capital of the Federation of Malaya and continued to be the capital of the renamed Federation of Malaysia in 1963.
By the year 2020,the Malaysian Prime Minister aims to realize the ambition of achieving developed nation status to Malaysia.
In his message delivered on 16th August 2007,in a Seminar on “MALAYSIA’S DEVELOPMENT SINCE INDEPENDENCE AND THE NATION’S ASPIRATION”, the Prime Minister of Malaysia Mr.Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, at Kuala Lumpur has said that the 50 years of Independence of Malaysia is a miracle borne out of the determination of their leaders and of the hard work and prayers of the Malaysian people. He has called upon the people of Malaysia to keep on working hard, so that the next 50 years of the county’s future will be paved with success and prosperity as glorious as the first 50 years so far. The World Economic Forum has ranked Malaysia as the 4 th in Asia, after Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore in its Business Competitiveness Index. Overall, Malaysia has been ranked as the 20th in a field of 125 Economies. In the 21st Century, the idea of “LABOUR” has been transformed into the concept of “HUMAN CAPITAL” as a critical ingredient in the value –creation process and a source of innovation and creativity. If necessary, laws can be changed and all the people of Malaysia should work hard, which must be their culture.

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